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No agency fees or middlemen. Cost-effective monthly retainer or per-project rate. Fast Turnaround.



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Sue’s easy-going style makes her the perfect choice for imaging your radio station, branding your product, or telling your story. With Sue, you feel like you’re having coffee with a friend. Her friendly, conversational, credible voice is especially easy to listen to for long-form narration, e-learning, and instructional videos, podcasts or messages-on-hold. Whether you’re selling a product or telling a story, Sue will deliver your message with warmth and sincerity.


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Sue has years of radio experience targeting an audience to get them to tune in, stay tuned in and feel good about listening to the message they hear. Radio is the original social media platform, and Sue has evolved her skillset from writing promotional and commercial copy, and radio station imaging to include digital content for websites, blogs, and social media. If you need content creation for your website, blog or newsletter, you’ll find value in Sue’s engaging and likable style.


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[nz_sep color=”#a70000″ top=”15″ bottom=”35″ width=”100″ height=”2″ align=”center”][nz_slick_carousel autoplay=”true” autoplay_speed=”8000″][nz_slick_item]”Sue’s personable sound is always our first choice when we create videos for marketing and our client presentations. She balances warmth with boldness in a way that breaks through. I’ve known Sue for many years and I’m always amazed at her versatility and originality.”

Daniel Anstandig
CEO – Futuri Media

[/nz_slick_item][nz_slick_item]”We’ve used Sue Wilson’s voice on a number of our stations. Sue has a great “storyteller” style; natural and comfortable. She sounds like someone you’d like to know, making her perfect for female targeted stations.”

Mike McVay
Director of Operations
Executive VP of Content and Programming for Cumulus Media and Westwood One.
Founder and President of McVay Media

[/nz_slick_item][nz_slick_item]”Sue Wilson made us MILLION$$$, literally! Her creativity, style and professionalism was a MAJOR factor in building our radio group that resulted in a 9 figure sale. I still use Sue today in my remaining stations and would recommend her talents to anyone, unequivocally!”

Tom Embrescia
Second Generation Radio & Television

[/nz_slick_item][nz_slick_item]”When I close my eyes and think of the perfect female imaging voice, its Sue Wilson. She has a crisp, clean, believable style. I’ve known Sue for many years and would recommend her for any station looking to improve their stations image in a remarkable way!”

Nick Anthony
Senior VP Programming Rubber City Radio Group.
Founder and President of Nick Anthony & Associates.

[/nz_slick_item][nz_slick_item]”I have worked with Sue on various voice projects for over 10 years. Most recently voicework for NewEnglandClassical.Com. Sue has the ability to take the words I write and make them come alive! She voices the script exactly the way I hear it in my head while writing the copy. While Sue will give me a couple of “reads” per script, I almost always use the first take! Her instincts on how the copy should be delivered are right on. She is my “go to” female voice especially when I need my messages to cut through the clutter of “big time” sounding announcers. She’s a listener’s “best friend” coming through their speakers or earbuds.”

Gale Parmelee
Sebago Lake Media


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