The Acoustic Escape: Freedom Through Creativity

There’s a lot of chatter these days about infringements on our freedom. There’s no doubt a lot is out of our control when it comes to the virus and the inconveniences of staying safe. No one loves all this mask-wearing and social distancing, in addition to other safety guidelines that have affected our economy and our lives. But, understanding the many privileges and freedoms I have that many don’t,  I’ll deal with the inconveniences.

Still, it’s hard. Some days are better than others. The cool, rainy spring has made the quarantine tough, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t struggled with bouts of depression over not being able to get out, missing family and friends, and general anxiety over the bad news. But one thing has helped. Allowing myself a “creativity project.”

I chose radio as a career because I love music; all styles, genres, and eras. Wouldn’t it be great to be on the radio and play all my favorite songs? Welp…I learned quickly that you can’t just play whatever YOU want. Stations have to target a specific audience with a specific style of music programming called a FORMAT, like rock, pop, country, or R&B. If a station has lots of listeners, advertisers can sell their products and services to that target. Still, while I understand and have been successful in appealing to the most people within the formats I’ve programmed, there’s always been this little part of my brain that has felt something is missing within the radio format wheel. I believe there is a large segment, (I’d venture to say the majority) of people that listen to all types of music. So what if there was a format out there that could be a bridge between music types?

For many years, I’ve had such a format spinning around in my head.  I’ve always held a Pollyanna belief in this common thread that weaves through all music, from the influencer artists of the 60s and 70s to those they inspired all the way to today. This thread would have multi-generational appeal and millennials, Gen- Xers, and Boomers would all like it. That common thread?

The simplicity of Acoustic Music.

Isn’t every song born in this way? Over these past 2 months, I’ve been so inspired by the talented singer-songwriters playing their raw, stripped-down acoustic music from their living rooms, from the famous to the lesser-knowns (that should be famous) representing every age, style, and genre, that I put this dream format together,  and launched it as an online radio station.

It’s called The Acoustic Escape and it is just that. An escape from the noise, negativity, and nonsense that permeates our world and our screens. It’s musical comfort food. An oasis of positive musical energy representing Soft Rock, Indi, Folk, Americana, Triple-A, Country, & Acoustic Classic Rock.  Music is the one thing that can be unifying -and we need that now more than ever.

The Acoustic Escape: Blur The Lines. Free The Music. Spread the love.

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Enable The Acoustic Escape skill on your Alexa device. Say “Alexa, Enable The Acoustic Escape.”