When Life Gives You Grapes…

Wines For The Quarantine We are all spending time at home these days in either a self-imposed or forced quarantine. Whether you’re supporting local by ordering carry-out, cooking at home, or a little of both now is the time to pair that food with a lovely, and not so expensive wine.  I [...]
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Downsizing: How We Did It

Many articles boast the mental health benefits of being grateful and how helpful it is to write down things you are thankful for daily. This morning, at the top of my grateful list, is the recent simplification of our lifestyle. My husband and I made a considerable change this past year.  We [...]
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Can Empathy Be A Hindrance?

I am struggling with something. I am unable to watch many movies and TV shows that it seems the majority of people enjoy, and I’m starting to feel really abnormal. When I ask friends for recommendations for a great Netflix series to binge or for a movie to escape life with, I get [...]
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4 Things Grief Taught Me

Grief. Your brain’s natural emotional response to loss, although it doesn’t feel natural at all. Grief is the true emotional suffering you feel when someone or something you care about is taken from you. After a loss, grief’s pain can come on so suddenly that it cuts like a knife, stabbing you [...]
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Neighborhood Memories

To listen to a spoken word version of this blog click HERE My husband and I downsized to a condo this past fall, and one of the biggest adjustments has been the routine of walking our dog. Our previous home had a fenced-in yard, so all we had to do was to open the door. Our new […]
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